Postnatal Yoga

We have a secret in our culture and it's not that birth is painful. It's that women are STRONG!

Laura Stavoe Harm


Post-natal Yoga is specifically for new mums to restore their tired body and helping them transition from pregnancy to motherhood. Your body and mind have been through a lot and reacquainting yourself with the non-pregnant you can be a daunting and overwhelming process.

The class is designed to address new strains such as pelvic floor / mula bandha, abdominal strength or opening up in the shoulders. Muscle tension arising from feeding or carrying babies is alleviated by specific stretches which release and open the back and shoulders. Spinal and pelvic alignment exercises help improve posture and ease lots of the common aches and pains of new mums.

This class helps you keep sane and feel balanced, incorporating a regular yoga practice post-baby can help you get back to YOU.

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